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Greenspring - Springfield, VA
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Greenspring, in Springfield, is looking to hire a Custom Interiors Coordinator who will be responsible for marketing, selling, ordering, coordinating, inspecting, and accounting for the installation of custom finishes and products in both current and future residents’ apartments. The Coordinator’s efforts will assist the community to increase the absorption rate of new apartments and to speed up the re-sale of existing apartments.

• Coordinate each phase of custom service projects, including initial marketing efforts, invoicing, final implementation and quality assurance.
• Market custom services finishes and products to both future and existing residents.
• Contact future residents who have requested custom services and answer pricing, process and product specification questions.
• Meet with future and existing residents to aid them in the selection of custom finishes and products. Provide pricing, process and product specification information on their selections.
• Process custom services work orders, issue purchase orders to contractors, and schedule the performance of their work.
• Log all custom service checks received and deliver them to the Finance Department. Update Finance at the end of each month, so that all checks for completed work are applied to that month’s revenue.
• Forward invoices for payment after the Facilities Manager approves them.
• Prepare a month end report of completed projects (revenue, expense and margin).

A one-year minimum of broad customer service experience within a Maintenance or General Services department is required. Maintenance trouble-shooting and coordination, as well as public relations experience, is a plus. Project planning experience is a necessary.

A high school diploma is required. A college degree is preferred. Some college may be considered in lieu of experience.